New Zealand Boutique Rum

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Straight up
pure single rum


We make what is known as “pure single rum”. Pure – because it comes from molasses and is 100 per cent batch/pot-stilled. Single – because the whole process takes place at our distillery. We like to keep things natural and simple. Aided, admittedly, by a bit of Kiwi inventiveness, we basically provide the right conditions and the best raw materials, and let nature work its magic.

Only ingredients of the highest quality go into making our spirits. We favour using organic and locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. No chemicals or sweeteners or anything of that ilk are added to our products at any stage of the process.

In fact, our whole boutique rum operation is based on a sustainable ethic. The rum distilling process itself is easy on the environment, as there is zero waste produced. This is carried through into our plant, where we upcycle metal equipment and reuse wooden barrels. The spring water we blend our rum with originates in the pure alpine wilderness of Tongariro. You get the picture.

Bottles of the good stuff


Golden Rum

Our golden rum is matured through a unique process in a range of oak barrels in climate controlled conditions. Its flavour has been described as mysteriously smooth with hints of smokey sweetness. It won a double gold medal at the 2018 China Wine and Spirits Awards.


Sealed with organic beeswax.

Enjoy neat or with an ice cube, while gazing up at the stars.

Check out our Dark & Stormy recipe to get you under way.

$85 incl GST.


White Rum

Grenada Bay white rum is triple distilled with cardamon and pear, imparting to the palate a dash of sugar and earthiness. Opt for this sweet, subtle spirit in your favourite rum cocktails.


Our white rum’s delicate taste and colour means it goes a treat on its own, over ice.

Our rums have no additives, they’re pure spirit. This means you can gain a true impression of your cocktail.

$85 incl GST.

Mix up some drinks like a true champion.


Availability & Ordering


Get in touch with us to order your 700 ml bottle. Savour your plunder on the quiet, or ply your friends and family with perfect cocktails that’ll make it seem like every day’s a holiday. Both.


Drop us a line if you would like a crate of six bottles. We also purvey casks of rum in two sizes.


We can ship your consignment of bottled or casked rum nationwide for an additional cost. Rest assured that bottles and casks alike will be packaged with care and love.

Out and about

Check out the liquor outlets and drinking establishments that purvey our boutique rum. We’ll be adding to this list continually.


Over time, exposure to the atmosphere can affect the flavour of superior spirits such as our pure single rum. Therefore, we suggest you store Grenada Bay bottles of rum well sealed, in a cool, dark place to minimise the effect of air. If you drink your boutique rums slowly, we suggest you decant from the 700 ml bottle into a much smaller vessel that’s kept filled to the neck.

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