Premium Crafted New Zealand Rum

A distinctive spirit for the bold at heart

Grenada Bay hand-crafted rum is fermented, distilled, aged, blended, and bottled with considerable pride all under one roof at our distillery in the hills north of Wellington, New Zealand.

The Grenada
Bay way


We combine tradition with innovation and a sustainable ethos across our distillery’s entire operation. We use machinery and barrels that are cleverly designed or repurposed, we conserve water and energy, use organic and locally sourced products as ingredients wherever possible, and seal our barrels and golden rum bottles with organic beeswax from the Mainland.

Our rum is free of anything artificial. All impurities are filtered out, and there are no chemical additives or colourings.

pure spirit


We take the finest sugarcane molasses and transform it into smooth and subtle 100 per cent pot-distilled rums. They’re made with passion for Kiwi enthusiasts to sip and mix, whether you’re in boots or brogues.

Our white rum, flavoured delicately with fruit and spice, is blended with flawless New Zealand spring water and bottled or casked straight after distillation.

Our golden rum achieves its complex magnificence as the result of ageing in a variety of oak barrels.

Infused with the world’s most flavoursome cherries, our cherry rum is aged in a unique way that imparts a luxurious sweetness to the spirit.

Just off the board or straight from the boardroom, enjoy the magic of good company … and a glass of pure sunshine.

the mainbrace

When arduous tasks are brought to a successful conclusion by some solid teamwork, it’s time to celebrate.

A cask of our finest spirit would mark the occasion in style.

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